Original Krud Kutter® - Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser

Original Krud Kutter(R) - Concentrated Cleaner/Degreaser/Stain RemoverKRUD HAPPENS!

No other single product removes really tough soils as quickly and effectively from so many different surfaces.

  • Cuts grease, grime, oil, tar & wax fast
  • Removes dried latex paint
  • Excellent tile and grout cleaner


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Features & Benefits


Selected by "Reader's Digest" magazine as
"Best Cleaner in America". No other product
removes tough soils and quickly and effectively,
and can be used on most interior and exterior
(porous and non-porous)surfaces. Super
concentrated formula can be diluted up to 10:1
as an all purpose cleaner. Recommended for
pressure washers and carpet cleaning machines.
Leaves no residue. Water-based,biodegradable.

Applications & Uses

Concentrated Commercial Strength Formula Safely & Easily Removes:

  • Food & Drink Stains
  • Dried Latex Paint
  • Paint Overspray
  • Tape Residue
  • Glue & Adhesive
  • Acid Rain
  • Bird Droppings
  • Smoke Damage
  • Grease & Oil
  • Marker & Crayon
  • Pet Stains
  • Tree Sap
  • Brake Dust
  • Fireplace Soot
  • Oxidation
  • Lipstick
  • Scuff Marks
  • Blood Stains
  • Sun Tan Oil
  • Tar & Wax
  • Chewing Gum
  • Soap Scum
  • Mildew Stains
  • Shoe Polish


Heavy Duty Cleaner & Disinfectant

We're proud to introduce a ready-to-use, one-step, heavy duty cleaner combined with a brilliant, fume-free disinfectant. It deodorizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and germs. It also controls and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces without the use of bleach. Available in convenient 32oz spray bottle and larger 1-gallon sizes.

Read what others are saying about Orginal Krud Kutter®!

  • WOW! I'm even more impressed now!

    From: "Mary U"
    I must be the last person on the planet to learn about your great product!!! I have personally used your product to remove baked on filth from a concrete dock, 25 years of oil and dirt from a garage floor, cleaned and brightened a neglected deck prior to restain, and most importantly impressed the sox off my older brother who knows absolutely everything!!!! Thanks for making a really superior product...Keep doing it, and I'll keep telling everyone I know to buy it and use it, and buy some more!!!

    From: "Sales"
    Mary, thanks for taking the time to write and tell us of your great success stories with Krud Kutter! Sounds like you are very familiar with how well the product actually works. If it can do what you got it to do, imagine the everyday jobs?
    We love getting emails like yours and greatly appreciate you helping to spread the word. We will be putting your testimonial on Facebook and our website. I will only use Mary U as your name.
    If you could please send me your address, I would like to send you a little "thank you" for helping us.
    Enjoy your evening, and thanks again!
    Allison Grabiak Operations Manager

    Hey Allison:
    Wow!!!! I'm even more impressed now!!!!
    An actual live human being responded to my email!!!! No canned response---and not a "donotreply to this email--this is a computer generated response"
    In the time it took me to "send this link by email" to my 2 sisters, and 3 brothers who all have "projects" they are working on....I received your email...
    You guys truly ROCK!
    Let me admit something....I had bought 5 gallons of your product from Lowe's on Tuesday evening...Yesterday we used 4 gallons as we worked at my 84 year old Mom's house....I returned the one gallon to Lowe's ( we didn't need it because we had already used 2 gallons of your product here.) The customer service rep suggested that I contact you and let you know how much I loved your product...So that's exactly what I did...
    I only wished I knew about the other products that you make!!!!
    The next place we are bringing your product is to a 95 year old woman's house that we've been helping out this summer.... You see, I am currently unemployed (yes, Michigan is very much like that!!) and last year my husband was pushed out at Ford--his only workplace for 39 years and 8 months!!
    We've decided to put our free time to good use...So we go and help out people that could use a little help....
    God Bless you guys....Keep making a great product in the US....
    Warmest regards,
    Mary U

  • ...simply an amazing product.

    My late Father was in the window covering business for over 50 years in Chicago. I NEVER found such an easy way to clean venetian blinds before and, believe me, I cleaned MANY while working at his shop during the summers. I don't even recall who told us about Krud Kutter but it is simply an amazing product...

    Smyrna, GA

  • I buy it by the gallons and I'm not kidding.

    I just wanted to write and seriously should have 11 years ago. My son is going to be 21 years old, I remember buying him sneakers that were white and said "oh no". My son never liked his sneakers dirty. Well someone in the store said try Krud Kutter wipes. I did more than that, I bought the spray bottle and it is history from there. I clean a few houses and have used Krud Kutter on almost everything. I have turned so many people on to this prouduct and they can't believe what wonders it does. Most of them have never heard of it. I could be the Krud Kutter spokesperson. I use it on laundry, floors, grills, ranges, walls and outdoors. All kinds of things that have collect grease and grime. I had to clean my son's apartment before he moved in and yes Krud Kutter to the rescue. My friend called to ask me how to get blood from white pants that has sat in there for a week. I said Krud Kutter right away, well now she's hooked. Another friend of mine was renting his house out and the previuos renters made the rugs and kitchen floor very dirty. He was going to pull up the rugs and get new ones thinking he would never get the dirt out. I told him to spray the rug and then use the steamer and even add some Krud Kutter to the steamer. Another hooked person told his whole family about it. I just have to say keep up the good work and if you ever need a spokesperson just call. This product is amazing and it only took me years to write and tell you. I guess I was telling everyone else about it I forgot to say what a great product it is to you.

    I buy it by the gallons and I am not kidding.

    Thank you Linda.

  • WOW - Good Stuff!

    This past weekend I christened my new home built smoker (stainless steel and aluminum) with four pork shoulders and four racks of ribs. The next day, as I was dreading cleaning the grill, I stopped by Lowe's to pick up a scrub brush, a metal brush, and some Easy Off oven cleaner. I was pretty disappointed that Lowe's didn't carry any oven cleaner and really didn't want to mess with the citrus grill cleaner as I have had limited positive results with those types of cleaners in the past (my grill would still be greasy but at least it would smell nice).

    After looking up and down the aisle to no avail I had resolved to just head to the grocery store when I spotted your Krud Kutter on my way out. I decided, what the heck, I'll give it a shot.
    I'm glad I did. Since the cooker was pretty well coated with grease and charcoal residue (after six hours of cooking), I figured at best I could knock off some of the heavy stuff. Needless to say I was duly impressed to see the grease literally run off the metal. I kid you not, with a little elbow grease and a hose, that smoker looks like it had never been used.

    You truly are "Tough On Krud". Pretty work.

    Michael Caruso

  • I'm truly amazed...

    There are a TON of cleaning products on the market. I've used my fair share of them. Some are good, others don't live up to their claims. And quite frankly, some have taken my breathe away so badly that it took me nearly all day to recover from! Yuck! On occasion, I have tried some "green" cleaning products but they haven't really knocked my socks off when it comes to their cleaning power. I recently had the opportunity to try out Krud Kutter, a non-toxic, all purpose cleaner that tackles everything from pet stains, grime, grease, latex paint to permanent marker! All in an eco-friendly formula that is safe for my family and the environment!

    When Krud Kutter arrived, I was anxious to give a try. I'm always on the look out for great cleaning products that can keep our house nice and shiny clean, and the fact that it is toxic-free, well that's just a fantastic bonus! Our kitchen countertop is granite and we have all stainless steele appliances, so I couldn't give it a try in those areas, but upon opening the box, I realized our kitchen sink could use a good scrub down. I put on my cleaning gloves and went to town on cleaning. When completed, I was impressed. It had great cleaning power, rinsed away nicely and the smell was not as foul smelling as most heavy duty cleaners!

    Test two came in the form of toilets! After tucking my two in bed for the night - I decided to clean the toilets. Where we live, for some reason after about a week and half, we start to get a pink-colored ring in our toilet bowls. The only thing that prevents it are those Clorox bleach tabs in the back of the toilet, but the bleach eats away at the rubber stopper. After my hubby had to replace several rubber stoppers, we decided to stop using them. Sighhh, so I have a weekly chore at keeping the pink ring at bay! We have 5 toilets in the house - this is no small task! Typically I use Comet in the toilet bowls, but those bottles are sort of messy to store because of the powder. After cleaning each toilet, I was once again impressed with the cleaning power and I was happy that I had super clean toilets!

    After the potties, I moved on to the shower door. Ohhh the shower door- I HATE having to clean the shower door. We have a soft water system in our house, so the hard water build up is not bad like it was in our first home, but still, if we don't wipe down the glass after showering, the shower tends to get a lot of ugly water spots, etc. Honestly, this is the one and only chore in the house that I absolutely cannot stand doing. Cleaning a shower is so annoying to me! While I couldn't test out Krud Kutter on our shower floor or walls, they are travertine and need a special type of cleaner, I'm happy to report it worked fantastic on the glass door!! I sprayed the glass down, sqeegzied it off and the glass was nearly perfect! Impressed yet again!!

    I'm truly amazed at all the things the bottle says the product can tackle. I'm anxious to give it a try on upcoming stain and grime related issues around the house. After using it on a few areas around the house, I am confident in this products cleaning power and think it is one fantastic all -purpose cleaner to keep in the house at all times! I also like that I don't need multiple cleaners - this product does the job of many! And the fact that it's toxic free, just makes me all that more impressed with the product. Where can you buy it? Krud Kutter is everywhere - Target, Walmart, Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, True Value..the list goes on and on! If you are looking for an eco-friendly, cleaning product, check it out Krud Kutter

    MommyApproves - Blog

  • ...i have now become a Missionary for Krud Kutter!

    Dear Krud Kutter,

    I owned a paint contracting business and have used Krud Kutter for the labelled use of removing dried latex paints from carpet, drapes, hard flooring surfaces, vinyl siding, wrought iron ... and the list goes on. I also used it to remove latex paint from clothing and shoes, and scuff marks from walls and floors, as well as for several other cleaning chores. I was a believer in Krud Kutter, already.

    But, I have now become a Missionary for Krud Kutter!

    For most of my adult life I owned inexpensive compact cars, which I ran until they virtually dropped dead, and kept making "car payments" to myself in a savings account so that I could buy the car I truly wanted. Four years ago, I bought that car. It's my "baby." I keep it impeccably clean.

    About a month ago, two incidents happened with my "baby" within a day of each other. In the first, another vehicle struck it lightly in a parking lot, leaving white paint on my front bumper just to one side of the front license plate. The next day, I was backing out of my garage and turned the wheel to back into our turnaround, but swiped the passenger side of the front bumper against the white garage door trim. The garage door trim is painted with alkyd paint.

    You can imagine how I felt. My "baby" went from beautiful to ugly within 24 hours and I was really mad at myself for the worst damage, which I caused myself.

    Because Krud Kutter doesn't specify that it can be used for automotive or alkyd paint removal, I tried rubbing compound to remove ugliness from my bumper. No help at all. I tried Goo Gone. No success. I tried Oops! Again, failure. I thought my car was going to look all "hoopty" forever.

    Then, on Saturday, I saw my Krud Kutter sitting on the work bench in the garage and thought I'd give it a try. Within 90 seconds and without breaking a sweat, the bumper looked pratically new. Every visible speck and swipe of white paint (both areas) was gone from my Salsa Red bumper. I then used the rubbing compound to remove the tiny scratches in both areas.

    Holy cow, now the entire car looks it did the day I bought it!

    Thanks a million!

    Sue Daniels,
    Lakewood, Ohio

  • Fabulous Cleaner

    I often shop at hardware stores just to look at whats new & to find newer, easier ways to clean or remodel. I am the manager of the apartment complex above. Recently I came across Krud Kutter and I personally believe it is the most AMAZING cleaner I have ever used. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and some of the apartments that have become vacant were really trashed (some so neglected it makes you nearly throw up). I have yet to find anything Krud Kutter cannot remove. Including ink & wax out of carpets. I want everyone I know to try it. I think I have become Your best word of mouth advertisement. My employer even bought a gallon of it to take to Lake Powell this weekend; where he keeps his house boat, to clean things he has never been able to get stains off of. I am going to give all of my children & my siblings some to try. I know they will also be impressed. Also the fact that it has a pleasant smell is a plus. By the way I am 62 yrs. old so I have used many different cleaners in my life. I am sold Krud Kutter is # 1. I am so happy I found it. We have saved carpets in 2 apartment that normally we would have to replace.

    Thank you Krud Kutter, Linda Jolley

  • Cleaning my Dirt Bike

    My wife discovered your product on a Home Staging site and we drove all over town to find a bottle. I was impressed with the job it did on our camper, but when I turned it loose on my dirt bike. . . .WOW! I was skeptical at first because I've tried a lot of products that seemed to wind up involving a large amount of elbow grease to make them work. I sprayed it on anticipating the usual and instantly the caked oily dirt from a leaky fork seal dissolved. To my amazement, all of the chain oil residue flat disappeared from the back wheel and swing arm. I simply applied it and sprayed it off with a hose. Krud Kutter us the first product that I have EVER seen work this well! It saved me several hours of using a screwdriver and a rag to get into the hard to reach areas. YOU'VE MADE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! I have already begun telling all of my friends about it.

    Thank you! Neil Schmidt

  • Where have you been all my life?

    Where have you been all my life? ? ? Over the past three months (and two gallons later) we have been involved in a whole house remodel and I've used KK on every cleaning project with nothing but outstanding results. The only complaint you'll ever hear from me is that it's sold in the paint sundries and not in the cleaning supplies where it should be. It's a superlative product and lives up too all the claims.

    Thanks for such a wonderful product ! Ann

  • This product ROCKS!

    Krud Kutter Rocks. We purchased a 15 year old home and the previous owner loved to wallpaper. Unfortunately when they built the home they did not prep the walls. We have tried in vain to remove the wallpaper with every known method with limited success. Laundry softener, commerical wallpaper removers, strippers would eventually remove the paper but caused tremendous damage to the sheetrock. This weekend a friend suggested that we try your product. I purchased it today and within 4 hours had removed the paper from a 18X20 room with NO damage to our walls. My husband came home from work and was amazed. A room half this size had taken my husband and I an entire three day weekend and we still had to skim coat the walls. I am now ready to tackle the four remaining rooms in the house solo and have no doubt that I will be finished within a few days. Thank you so much for manufacturing a wonderful product.


  • Definitely the best product on the market...

    Definitely the best product on the market, and if more people knew about it I'm sure would it run 409 out of business! Krud Kutter + Microfiber cloth = WOW. I painted my grout lines on my ceramic tile floor a couple of years back and got paint on the tile. What a painstaking mess! Before I discovered Krud Kutter, I had tried everything from steel wool to sand paper and nothing worked. Then I tried your product using a microfiber cloth, sprayed it on the dried paint and let it sit for 30 seconds. The paint literally whisked off the tile without harming the grout lines!

    Debbie Radford

  • Once again KK to the rescue.

    Dear KK...

    Just a note to let you know that you have a great product. I use KK for just about all cleaning needs. It has never failed me. Several Sundays ago I baked a blueberry pie. I had place it in my pie carrier. When I picked the pie carrier up one of the latches came loose. Do you know what blueberries looked like on beige carpet? It ain't a pretty site? Not only was I distressed about losing the beautiful pie..the mess on the carpet was worse. I got a much of mess up as I could...I pored KK on the stain and scrubbed it. To my amazement it came out. Once again KK to the rescue. I plug your product all the time. As I tell folk it cures "cough, colds, sore holes, fits, farts and freckles'...Keep up the good work and I am glad to see it in more stores now.

    Again thank you. Linda S. Efird

  • ...within moments your product had done the job...

    Wow, I bought some Krud Kutter at the local Lowes in hopes that it would help clean the grout in my kitchen. I am moving and in the three years I have lived here I have never been able to clean the grout I have tried bleach, dish washer poweder, acid, but within moments your product had done the job, I have no concern that I wont get my deposit back. I am heading to the store right now to buy the gallon version...

    Katheryn Kereluik

  • I'm not a sales rep or anything, but it is pretty amazing...

    ...one of my favorites that cleans/strips/whatever virtually everything is a product called Krud Kutter, you can get it from Lowe's or Home Depot...it seems to be a miracle product...not sure what it can't do. I'm about to strip the surface of my wood laminate floors with it...due to an unsightly build-up and constant haze...I used this before as well in my husbands bathroom on his shower curtain, where some unknown thing that was growing and hard water buildup too...so I took it down, spread it out on the driveway, sprayed the krud kutter on full strength let it sit about 20 minutes, then I used a mop and scrubbed it down, then hosed it down with the garden hose, and seriously it got off the hard water buildup, the thing growing ;) and looked brand new....(I'm not a sales rep or anything, but it is pretty amazing).


  • Krud Kutter to the rescue!

    I am a Personal Shopper at a major department store. When we receive new lines we often only have one or two sizes in each line, imagine how frustrating it is when a brand new item has an ink or lipstick stain? Krud Kutter to the rescue! I have told hundreds and hundreds of people about this magical stain remover. I wish I could buy miniature bottles to give to every one of my personal clients. It would take forever to tell you every success story but it has cleaned without leaving any residue, a wedding gown, minutes before the bride walked; coffee out of a white silk suit; took whipping cream out of a cream satin blouse; red wine out of kahki pants, etc. I tell every one I know about your life changing product!

    Christine Jackson McMullin

  • I was amazed with this product. I can't believe it worked!

    I have white linoleum floors in my kitchen and two bathrooms. I had tried everything to get them white again after having five years of build-up from three boys and a dog. Nothing would work including bleach, amonia, all purpose cleaners and professional cleaners. My husband picked up a bottle of Krud Kutter and I tried it. I was amazed with this product. I can't believe it worked! Thank you very much for making my floors white again.

    Priscilla Rawley

  • ...this is the best cleaner EVER.

    My husband and son went to Lowe's today and came home with your product. I thought this would be another typical product. Boy was I ever WRONG, this is the best cleaner EVER. I tried Oxy Clean to clean my shower, did nothing , your product passed every test. I will swear by this product now and forever. Thanks, please let me know if you want feed backs for further advertising. I am so willing.

    Cheryl Aiello

  • Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner Ever!!!

    I bought Krud Kutter a couple of years back as a last resort effort to remove wallpaper from an old home we had purchased. I had tried EVERYTHING and the wallpaper just wouldn't come off - until I used Krud Kutter!! This stuff worked, it actually WORKED!! I've also used it to clean old paint brushes, rollers, remove tough stains from carpet and upholstery. But just recently our child managed to get ink from a ball-point pen on her shirt - a brand new shirt at that!! I figured the shirt would have to be thrown away. Then I remembered the Krud Kutter - I sprayed it on the ink marks, worked it into the fabric, laundered as usual and the ink was removed!!!
    Krud Kutter - you're amazing!! As long as I can find this product in our local store or online I'll have a bottle in my cabinet!!!

    Jamie Cipollari

  • It normally takes me about 2 days of constant cleaning...

    Hi, I am a beekeeper. Each year I harvest honey from my honey bees. very sticky and messy project. I have been looking for something to quickly and easily clean and remove beeswax, propolis, and burnt honey from my equipment. Instead of going through the excess trouble of boiling scalding hot water and and vinegar, I decided to go to the local hardware store and pick up something from the shelf. I purchased the Krud Kutter (Original) and used it on my equipment. The Krud Kutter within minutes started to cut through the beeswax, propolis, and burnt honey. It normally takes me about 2 days of constant cleaning ( morning to night) to clean all of my equipment. This year it only took around 9 hours. After sanitizing the equipment with bleach water, it looks like brand new.

    Thanks, Eric (The Bee Busters)

  • The whole place is sparkling--thanks to your product...

    If you ever need a poster person/ testimonial from a user of Krud Kutter, let me know.

    I have just finished cleaning my daughter's college apartment and I am waiting for the kitchen floor to dry.  As you might imagine, this is no easy task!  As a Mom, I wanted to leave her apartment clean before I returned back home.

    The whole place is sparkling--thanks to your product. When we arrived back from summer break, I used a cleaner or two that she had below her sink.  But, I couldn't wait to make the trip to the Boulder hardware store to buy the Krud Kutter.  Not only did I re-clean what I had already done, but I tackled the rest of the apartment.  It is now sparkling--I could live here!

    I was first introduced to your product when my local hardware store in Pepper Pike recommended your product.  We had lived in our 5 bedroom house for 7 years.  It has to have at least dozens of louvered doors, molding etc.  Over the years I tried to clean them with all of the traditional products and the new Zerbac (sp?).  All I got was some of the wet grime spread out and even dirtier looking than before.  What a pleasant surprise when I used the Krud Kutter!  All of the surfaces are white again.  Whenever I need to buy more I get it in the large size, not that I need to use that much for a cleaning job. 

    I have recommended Krud Kutter to my friends and every time I return to Kredo Hardware I thank them for suggesting your product.

    Gratefully, Jeanne R. Gascoigne

  • Wow! your product.. blew me away...

    Wow! your product.. blew me away... I had been raving about the virtures of greased lightening as an all around good product. but after discovering KRUDKUTTER yesterday! I am sold.. it's always exciting to find a new product that really works!!! I told my husband it was like I was demonstrating one of those info commercial products where you say "YEAH , RIGHT".. but.. hey!!!! It really did work like that on a TOUCH JOB!!!! I was cleaning an RV top to bottom that had been a "smokers" unit... The guy had only had it for a year, but it was AWFUL!!! Everything was covered in nicotine... including the ceiling... I decided to begin with greased lightening. and fantatstic oxy.. and krudkutter.... guess which one ran circles around the other !! YES !!! KRUD KUTTER!!! I BOUGHT THE DEGREASER I GUESS MULTIPURPOSE.....ok i'm sold! I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU PUT IN THE STUFF !!! BUT THANK YOU!!!!


  • 100% CLEAN---better than new.

    I have in 63 years never used such a great product. It works on every surface and cleans it 100% CLEAN---better than new.

    Gary Farber

  • ...it is the most amazing cleaner in all creation...

    Just to let you know whatever your secret ingredient in Krud Kutter is, it is the most amazing cleaner in all creation. Unbelievable product, which we just discovered. Wonderful product.

    Thank You. Nancy

  • No horrible smell and it cut right through years of build-up...

    I hope it's okay for me to contact you regarding your product. I am a housewife that's always looking for, not necessarily the easiest way, but certainly the best way to clean my home. Being raised in the 50s by parents that survived the depression - I learned at a very early age that Amonia was the best product for the really hard cleaning jobs around the house. I'm 57 years old now and just happened to stumble across "Krud Kutter" in my local Lowes store. I decided to give it a try on my kitchen that was really neglected cleaning-wise for the past year due to 4 abdominal surgeries that I had. In addition, the arthritis in my hands has gotten worse over the years so it's become difficult for me to get in there and really "scrub" anything. I was really dreading the God-awful smell of amonia - so I thought why not try something new after all these years. So, I tried your Krud Kutter. Gentlemen/Ladies . . . Oh my God!!!!!! No horrible smell and it cut right through years of build-up on my stove, refrigerator, the floor behind these appliances, took the glue off of my floor tiles that sloppy installers left behind (this glue has been there for 4 years!) and I could go on and on, but I'm sure that I don't have to tell you just how incredible your product is. I decided to write to you because in our world today people are more likely to write to any company to complain about things - they very seldom write to compliment the good work that someone has done for them. So, I write to compliment you on your product and to thank you for making my life so much easier. I cannot say enough good things about Krud Kutter. I just wish I knew about it sooner. I'm going to try it in my carpet shampoo machine and on the gas grill today. Again, thank you and please try to get this product in more stores like grocery stores etc. so more ordinary people will discover it.

    Kathleen Bopp

  • I feel like I have a whole new floor!

    After trying numerous "tile grout cleaning" products and finally giving up, I spotted Krud Kutter at Home Depot and thought "what do I have to lose?" I was STUNNED after spraying it on the grout in our kitchen floor and letting it sit for a few minutes. I used a grout brush and scrubbed lightly and black ooze poured out of the grout. After rinsing, the grout looks brand new! I feel like I have a whole new floor! I will tell everyone I know about your wonderful product!

    Thank you!...Sue Kuwitzky

  • It is remarkable.

    Wanted to let you all know what my latest experience with the amazing Krud Kutter was.  I spilled RED paint on White Carpeting!!  Now my faith in Krud Kutter would be put to the ultimate test!  I must say that it worked terrifically!  Yes, it took more than a casual blotting, but it DID come out--all of it! I swear by this stuff!  All of my friends and family have heard from me about Krud Kutter.  It is remarkable.  Thank you for providing me with such an incredible product.

    Sally F

  • I can't believe it!!

    My husband and I are rehabbing an abandoned rental property for the owner.  The house was left 6-8 months before the owners decided to do anything with it.  The renters obviously were NOT the best of house cleaners, as for two of the three bedrooms--- I had to use a shovel, face mask, industrial rubber gloves and eye protection.  The previous renters also  were huge on frying EVERYTHING. 

    I'm currently working on cleaning the Kitchen.  Prior to finding Krud Kutter, I was using some industrial strength "orange" cleaner and a paint scraper (yes, the grease in the kitchen/on the walls/etc, was that thick).  I had done only half of the kitchen because I had to go over the same spots 2-3 times just to get it clean enough.  Needless to say, I ran out of the Orange stuff.

    The next trip to the Ace Hardware Store, they didn't have the orange stuff, but they had this Krud Kutter.  Hmmm, I went with my gut and bought it. AND OH MY LANDS, I'M SO GLAD THAT I DID. 

    I got back to the house and began to clean with the Krud Kutter NOT diluted.  The moment I sprayed the Krud Kutter on the walls, the grease melted off the walls.  I didn't even need a scraper or a scrubbie and elbow grease.  I used only Krud Kutter and a towel.  WOW

    Not only was I able to get through the rest of the kitchen, I have finished over the previously "cleaned" part and STILL got a bunch of grease off of the areas. 

    I can't believe it!!!

    So now, I have Krud Kutter for my own home AND the other home that I clean for a living.  I don't need another cleaner.  Krud Kutter does it all!  In fact, the reason I'm giving this testimonial is because I was on the site looking for the dilution ratio for getting stains out of fabric and carpet...and of course, worked perfectly!

    Thank you for creating and presenting such a wonderful product!  You have a lifetime customer here!!

    With Sincerest Smiles
    Andrea N

  • I got rid of the stain and the jacket was not damaged.

    I've had incredible luck with using Original Krud Kutter to get stains out of fabric.  One of my most outstanding successes was to get red marker ink out of my husband's wool sports jacket.  The marker broke in the pocket of his favorite sports jacket and the jack was unwearable.  The dry cleaners were not able to get the stain out.  Using Krud Kutter and lots of paper towels, I got rid of the stain and the jacket was not damaged.  I also got dried paint out of a favorite blouse using Krud Kutter.   


    Kathie K 

  • What a miracle product Krud Krutter is!

    About 7 years ago, my ex-husband treated the decks with a sprayer and sprayed the vinyl siding when around the posts.  I have tried for years to scrub this stuff off.  I've used bleach, gasoline, goo-gone and just about every cleaning product I could think of and nothing would even come close to removing it.  I even replaced parts of my siding because I was so sick of trying to clean it.

    Today, when I was at Lowe's, I was looking for something to remove the mess again, so I bought a small (4 oz) of Krud Kutter, and let me tell ya', it took it off the siding.  I am thrilled, I can't tell you how thrilled I am!!  After so many years of trying so many different things, I said this is a miracle product!  Now I have to go find a big bottle so I can do the other parts of the siding where the deck treatment is!

    Thank you so much for such a great product!


  • This product is amazing.

    I can't believe that I am looking for additional things to clean.  My friend told me about it and I bought one bottle, just to try it out, next day out to Lowe's for the Gallon concentrate.  Great product, offer coupons!!

    Linda M

  • Wowee Kazowee!

    Does it make me lame to say a cleaning product changed my life? Your Original Krud Kutter is AMAZING!! I work at a pizzeria, and, like most restaurants, it doesn't get a deep cleaning quite as often as it probably should. So right now is deep cleaning season, and my boss randomly picked up Krud Kutter at our local Home Depot, among a bunch of other things. Now imagine me, faced with a restaurant covered in nasty, greasy, waxy build-up that really needs to be scraped off with a putty knife. Gross. Enter Krud Kutter. Five minutes later, the build-up is GONE! From every surface. This stuff is fantastic! :)

    Anna K

  • Song of Praise!!!

    Just wanted to Thank you for your FANTASTIC product(Orig. Krud Kutter). I first bought it in Aboff's Paints-another degreaser to try.  Well, it cleaned so easily and quickly, that I tried it all over my home. I couldn't believe how great it worked. I have told many, many people about it and they love it just as much as I do! Please keep up the good work.  You make cleaning less of a chore. I always know that I can depend on your product to work the first time.  THANK YOU again!!! 

    Nancy G

  • I love KRUD KUTTER!

    I discovered Krud Kutter about 9 years ago when I moved into a house that was a big "22fixer upper"  It took two weeks of cleaning before we moved in and your product cut through dirt, nicotine stains, and overall krud.  I continue to use your product to keep my home clean and buy it by the gallon.  This is the best cleaner I have ever used!!!

    Iris Q

  • I will never use another product.

    I can't remember if it was Lowe's or Home Depot, they are back to back in Westminster.
    I stage houses for my husbands clients for free. He is a realtor & he gives them the full size spray & sometime we help them clean. The market is so tough, this helps them appreciate him.

    I use the Original Krud Kutter spray & the big refill jug.  I lost my job w/a marketing co. because of layoffs a year ago & was apprehensive buying a product that I had never heard of, w/ money so tight.  I will never use another product.  Did you know that if your daughter washes white clothes w/ a pair of dark jeans and the die gets all over it , you don't have to give away the clothes.  Your product saved my wardrobe, not just cleaned my home. Its such an awesome product, that my kids love to clean w/it.

    This is the best product on the planet. I can't believe how
    excited about removing stains that other products couldn't. I stumbled upon it by accident, never seeing it advertised. I have promoted it to everyone I know. My husband gives it to his clients now.


  • Amazing stain treatment!

    I have never written to comment on products before, but felt I must this time. I went to Lowe's with hubby this morning, and saw a display with the Krud Kutter spray. After reading it's claims, I decided to try it on a dress with a permanent marker stain on it. With one squirt, and a few dabs of a cotton swab, the spot was gone. I couldn't believe it.
    Thank you so much. I'm sure I'll be putting this to many more good uses!!

    Teresa W

  • ...from Simple Green to Original K.K.

    Last year saw me switch my favorite all-purpose cleaner from Simple Green to Original K.K. First, it cleaned ink, animal stains, and other problems from Formica cages and counters; then, it quickly degreased bike chains and other parts, with just a quick naptha rinse to dry. The greatest success, though, was a nightmare at work, when idiot plumbers put down thin flex film intended to protect carpet, directly onto a vinyl floor. They literally spend 6 hours scraping, peeling, and cursing with all sorts of solvents, and still left a 4 x 10 foot area tacky with remnants of adhesive and film. With nothing to lose, I was amazed to discover full-strength K.K. removed it all, and even the water rinse seemed unnecessary, as the floor showed no residual tackiness or damage.
    I will be experimenting with it diluted in an ultrasonic cleaning machine as well. Thanks!

    Eric A

  • Krud Kutter saved us.

    I wanted to let you all know I am very, very pleased with your
    product; and have been for many many years. I always keep a supply of krud kutter around for those emergency times.
    I have recommended it to so many people it would be hard to count. Those who have tried it were as pleased as I am.
    Keep this product around; I can't live without it.

    I use Original Krud Kutter (concentrated).

    The first bottle I purchased was at our local Walmart, Krud Kutter Tough Task, ( I think about 10 years ago).  A red crayon had fell down between my daughter's carseat and melted. I was very worried we would not be able to clean it up because we
    had just bought the vehicle new. Krud Kutter saved us.
    Seriously, you have no idea how much I really do appreciate this product.

    I have used it on NUMEROUS other 'events' and have always been pleased; as have those who I have offered up my advice. red kool aid on a beige carpet, and a carpet in need of being cleaned.

    I now purchase from our local Lowe's. I just bought a 1.25 gallon bottle---I told you I can't live without this product.

    Thanks again

    Valeria C


    Dear Sirs,
    It is a rare occurance when I am so impressed with a product!
    I am a Canadian RV'er presently in Flagstaff, AZ. We are stranded here after the engine in our truck failed. We tow a 34 foot fiberglass 5th wheel RV and an 18 foot boat. When the engine failed due to a ruptured oil line the boat and RV were covered with a spray of black diesel motor oil. I tried several other cleaners to no avail and was told by several cleaning services that it would be impossible to get the soot out of the gelcoat. I carry Krud Kutter in the boat as it is excellent for many cleanups. In desperation I tried your product on both units. To my total delight this cleaner instantly removed all traces of the jet black used oil. My problem now is I cannot find a retailer that carries your product. Could you advise as to where I might purchase several bottles in Flagstaff?
    I have photos of the RV and boat before Krud Kutter and could provide you with those as well as the results when the cleanup is complete.
    Thank you for a product that has saved us thousands of dollars in cleanup and refinishing expenses.

    Jim and Joy Prentice

  • It is truly amazing.

    I happened on your product quite by accident.  I was looking for something for degreasing my stove. (I had rented my house to a young couple when I moved to Florida)  After I got back and saw how they had trashed my house I evicted them and then did my best to undo the mess they created.  I am very impressed with your product because it actual did everything you claimed.  I have recommended Krud Kutter to friends and told the people at Lowe's to let people about it since it made my old tired stove look brand new again.  It is truly amazing.  I have used it on a number of things since and it has never failed me.  Thanks for making such a great product and maybe you should do some advertising to let more people know about this stuff.

    Thanks again.

    Dick S

  • Love your product

    I have been disappointed many times, buying a product that makes promises,but not producing the expected results.  But not this time!! My husband saw your product at Home Depot and I thought we were again throwing good money away. But, I must say, I was blown away with Krud Kutter results. I used them on cabinets over our microwave oven that had gotten sticky, dirty and was afraid to use a harsh product because I was afraid the paint (they're white cabinets) would peel.  With your product, they came out like new and I felt really good that Krud Kutter is earth friendly. I just wanted to thank you for making this terrific product and I will recommend it to friends and family.

    Carmela K

  • I love you guys!!!

    I just wanted to let you know very much I love your product. I'm not usually moved to gushing like this, but as a nurse (who is actually forced to wear White), the mother of 3 boys AND one husband, I am saved by your product on at least a bi-weekly basis. This morning, I moved the coffee table to vacuum, and found a dime-sized ink puddle stain on the light Berber carpet and literally started crying. How was that EVER gonna come out?? Well, Krud Kutter came through AGAIN! The stain is Gone and so are my tears. I love you guys!!!

    Oh, and the fact that you have an American-made (And even better - Georgia-made!) Product just tops it all off!

    Michele A

  • ...the stain no longer exists.

    On December 17 I knocked over a 1/2 gallon bottle of Canola Oil on my kitchen carpeting.
    I hurriedly went to my computer and acquired many solutions to the removal. For over 10 days I worked tirelessly and followed all directions provided by different links. To no avail; it did provide minimal results, but the greater majority of the stain remained. I was given 1/2 small bottle of your product by an associate and it was like a miracle. To my delight my local Ace hardware store sold this product. I purchased a large bottle. At the checkout counter I praised your product to numerous other patrons and availed them the details of my dilemma. Immediately thereafter 3 ladies and one man went and retrieved a bottle for themselves.
    This product is AWESOME, sadly however; it needs more promotion. I'm available for employment. In any event, I simply had to let you know. I have purchased another bottle just to keep on hand. Incidentally; I had a stain on one of my prized Dallas Cowboy sweatshirts and sprayed it on the stain, the stain no longer exists. It however did not improve their game. I love this stuff.


  • Again - love, love, LOVE your product!

    We used the Original Krud Kutter concentrated cleaner, which we purchased at our local Lowe's.
    Again - love, love, LOVE your product!

    I would like to thank you for an amazing product! Krud Kutter
    has removed things I thought would never come clean again. My husband is a very heavy smoker and your product removes the nicotine stains effortlessly! It removed 15 years worth of built-up grease and grime from an old stove, stains in a rental trailer toilet and bathtub, and so many other things. I am thrilled with the results! Thank you again for making such an excellent product that REALLY WORKS!!!

    Lisa K

  • Awesome Awning!

    I used the original Krud Kutter, and I originally bought it at Benny's in Middletown RI. but when I purchased the gallon size (still original formula) I bought it at Home Depot. (Also in Middletown RI)

    Charles P

  • To Good To Be True!

    To Good To Be True!  That is what I thought when (Shanna in Dept# 24 at Home Depot) directed me to your product Krud Kutter, after I told her my story about numerous attempts to clean a Tile Floor and Grout.

    I purchased a Condo several years ago that needed remodeling, didn't think it would be that hard living in and remodeling at the same time.  That was my first mistake among many.  Of course the tile floor would be the last to be done, the tile floor was in bad condition anyway so I did not care about it.  I was unable to clean it in the beginning anyway, no cleaners like  tile & grout, or any other cleaner, even including bleach would not clean this tile.  After completing the other remodeling, I started on the room and hall that had the tile.  While painting the walls I spilled some paint on the tile, I didn't use a drop cloth, because the tile was going to be replace any way, at a cost of $1,600 labor plus Materials,  So I thought at the time!  I did not want to take a chance and track any paint to the finished areas, so I cleaned it up.  That was when I found out there was something in paint that would clean a dirty floor if you got it up before the paint dried.  This is when I went to Home Depot at 2901 N University DR. Sunrise Fl. 33322.   To see Shanna,  I asked her if their was something I could get like what was in the paint, that would clean the tile rather than having to replace it.  She said NO, but I do understand what you are talking about, I had the same thing happen to me and we have something that will do the job for you.  I took the spray bottle rather than the gallon, I thought better wasting a little money verses a lot just to see if it would work.  The next day I went back to Home Depot and got the gallon jug!

    Now I have a new floor, rather I should say as good as new, after using Krud Kutter.  I give thanks to you and Shanna at Home Depot for saving me $1,600 in labor plus Material, depending on the kind of tile chosen. 

    Yours Very Truly

    Travis N

  • Oh, Krud Kutter, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...

    I buy Krud Kutter from Lowe's in the one-gallon container and it is quickly becoming my only cleaner. I no longer buy laundry stain pre-treater and I am doing away with my other household cleaners. It really does do it all.
    I LOVE the fact that it's biodegradable too. It really is the only cleaner you need!
    I am currently using Krud Kutter Original. Are there other versions?
    I have gotten several family members and friends hooked on KK too. It's a product I am 100% confident in recommending. Thanks again for making such a great product!

    You are the best cleaner on planet earth and you are kind to planet earth.

    I have used you in the laundry and on the floor. I have used you in the bathroom and my house is cleaner than before.

    Today I used you on my cream colored carpet when I spilled dark brown furniture scratch cover on it. I feared you would fail me even though you've been 100% up through now but to my shock, you cleaned that too.

    I can't imagine how I ever lived without you. I'm so glad you're in my life and that I can depend on you.

    Joy R

  • I leave every cleaning job with pride.

    I began using the Original Krud Kutter concentrated cleaner/degreaser stain remover.  I bought it because we were redecorating our kitchen and in the process were painting our walls, cupboards, paneling, etc., and we needed a cleaner/degreaser to remove cooking grease from the kitchen area.  We found Krud Kutter while walking down a aisle with paint cleaning products.  We have copper fixtures for the cupboards that could not be replaced (40 years +), so we took all the closure fixtures down and thought we would give them a spritz of Krud Kutter, (there would be no loss if it didn't work).  One spray of Krud Kutter exceeded all my expectations.  It was purely amazing.  I'm more than proud to display them with our newly painted cupboards.  Then I got on the floor (also 40 yrs. +) and began spraying the cupboards, and molding at the floor level and again, one spritz and a little elbow grease with scrub brush and tooth brush to get in the crevices and I almost began to cry with joy to see all the dirt, grime and grease come up.  Where had this product been all  my life?  I've been using it non-stop ever since.  I've told my entire family and said it's worth every penny, and believe me that's not something I say very often.  I've begun buying it in the gallon size and pray it never leaves the shelves of the store.  I will have a panic attack.
    Every time I use it, I leave every cleaning job with pride.  It's clean down to the core.  I'm sure I will find many, many more uses.  I also must say I love the fresh smell.  Ammonia was all I knew for deep cleaning for years and I would have headaches from the smell.  Not any more - goodbye ammonia, hello Krud Kutter.
    My many, many thanks for such a wonderful product.


  • Lawn Mower job

  • Grill project

  • AMAZING!!!

    While shopping for cleaning products at my  local Ace Hardware Store I came across Krud Kutter.  Just used it on the hood above my stove (in an apartment) after cooking bacon & burgers last night.  I wanted to get on your website RIGHT NOW to tell you how amazing I think your product is.  I really can't believe how efficiently it cut through grease-not just from my cooking but I'm sure years of tenants before me!


Directions for use:

Always test on an inconspicuous area first. Apply directly on surface to be cleaned, and allow to penetrate briefly. Wipe off with a clean cloth or towel. For older, more difficult jobs apply a generous amount of cleaner and allow to stand for a few minutes before wiping dry. For extremely tough jobs, such as the removal of old, dried latex paint, scrub with a brush or scouring pad, and wash off with a wet rag. For engine cleaning, use on a cold dry engine. Do not use on varnished surfaces or leather. Do not mix this product with any other chemicals.

Dilution Ratios

BBQ Grills & Ovens; Hoods & Exhaust Fans; Tubs, Sinks & Showers; Tools & Equipment; Machinery; Tile & Grout; Whitewalls; Driveways; Engines; Floor Wax Removal.

Appliances; Mini-Blinds; Canvas; Chrome; Silver; Brass; Copper; Porcelain; Plastic; Fiberglass; Linoleum; Aluminum; Vinyl; Patio Furniture; Walls & Baseboards; Carpets; Upholstery; Stainless Steel; Laundry Presoak; Wheels.

Computer/T.V. Screens; Glass; Mirrors; Windows; Display Cases; Crystal; Lights; Car Wash.


Heavy Duty Cleaner & Disinfectant

We’ve managed to bring you a ready-to-use, one-step, heavy duty cleaner combined with a brilliant, fume-free disinfectant. It deodorizes and kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and germs. It also controls and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on hard, non-porous surfaces without the use of bleach. Available in convenient 32oz spray bottle and larger 1-gallon sizes.

Contains: A Proprietary Blend Of Biodegradable Surfactants, Detergents, And Emulsifiers, In A Water Based Solution. No Petroleum Solvents, Bleach Or Ammonia.

Caution: EYE AND SKIN IRRITANT. In case of contact with eyes or skin, flush with water for 15 minutes. If irritation persists, seek medical attention. If swallowed, take large amounts of water. Do not induce vomiting. Get medical attention. Material Safety Data Sheet available.


24-hour medical emergency: Chemtrec
Domestic North America 800-424-9300
International (collect calls accepted) 703-527-3887

Questions? 800-466-7126

Supreme Chemicals of Georgia, Inc.
Cumming, GA 30041 www.krudkutter.com
Made in USA
email: sales@krudkutter.com
Product No. KK32